Karen will be giving a yoga experience. Teaching a Jivamukti style open class for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, the class encompasses all levels. You work at your own pace , following the teachers constant guidance.  The class will consist of,  aromatherapy, about a 3 minute meditation, breath exercises, flowing postures, Vedic and contemporary teachings, hands on gentle alignment, deep relaxation with a foot massage. We suggest modifications for beginners and suggest challenging variations for more advanced students. Music plays an integral role and each class features a stunning soundtrack ranging from Indian ragas and Beatles to global trance, Inspirational recorded word teaching and meditation.

Karen recently moved to the Area from the NYC metropolitan area where she taught at Jivamukti NYC & NJ and other select studios.

Karen has been practicing yoga for many years. Deciding to do her first teacher training in 2007 with Baron Baptiste Followed by Jivamukti 300 hour teacher certification 2008, Jivamukti 800 hour apprenticeship program certification 2010, Urban yoga, prenatal teacher certification, 2010, Intergal Yoga Ayurveda & Yoga certification 2014, SVA Ayurvedic practitioner  certifications 2014 & 2016.

Karen currently teaches at Eight Limbs Studio in Lakewood, NY.

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